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Why QR payment is the next big thing?

Well if you are still not familiar with the QR codes then let us help you in understanding this term. QR codes are square black-white patterns through which you can perform various functions. QR code scanning usually gives you a URL to track that gives you more information about the brand or services when scanned with your mobile camera or a scanning device.

QR codes also have revolutionized the payment procedures. These codes are not new and they can be really handy in several situations. With the Bankin digital payment app account, you can now efficiently make e-payments.

The QR code scanning process made the process of payment easy in between the people who don’t know each other’s phone numbers. This is a usual way to connect with other Bankin users in the chat or to make immediate cashless payments.

With the Bankin app, we made QR code payments possible to give our users complete, yet simple to use electronic payments accessible on their mobile phone!

about us
about us

Who should use QR payments?

This QR code payments App is yet another way to make Face-to-face cash payments easier.

With Bankin’s QR codes, it is now easy to make non-commercial payments when you are among unknown people. With this app, you can pay by scanning a QR code or you can get paid by generating one in a straight line by means of the home screen in Bankin. You can enter the amount you want to transfer and click on the send option. This way the receiver will receive the money.

The Bankin app QR code payments option is designed in a manner so that users can make payments to people without using mobile numbers.

How do Bankin’s QR payments work?

With QR code payments App, you can send and receive the payment via 3 simple steps:

1. Simply scan a QR code.

2. Enter the amount you want to send to someone on your screen.

3. Click on the make payment button

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Here is how Bankin app might work out for you.

There are 3 scenarios when you go out with friends and you can use QR code payments App to make your meeting with friends worthwhile:

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  • 1.

    Usually, one friend pays and then others hand money to him.

  • 2.

    In the second scenario, the first friend pays and insists that it was just a treat from his side.

  • 3.

    All the friends collect money toward their consumption and pay the total amount.

When you have this money wallet app on your phone then for situations like 1 & 3 above:

1 - You and your friends go out for a Spa session. It’s good and relaxing. You and your friends decide that you can help make it easier with just 1 payment for all 3 of you to the shop. After this, you can show the QR code on your E-Wallet App to your friends and they can quickly scan the QR code with the Bankin app and confirm the payment with a single tap.

3 - In the third case you and yours end up eating and drinking in a restaurant and your bill is 300.00 Euro. You show your 2 friends – 2 separate 100.00 Euro QR codes. Each of your friends scans the QR code on their Digital Payment App and confirms a 100.00 Euro payment to your Bankin wallet. After that, you tap and pay the total 300.00 Euro for the food with your phone to the contactless terminal with the help of QR code.

Are QR payments secure?

Yes, QR payments are quite simple and secure than the card payments. The Bankin QR code payments App is as secure because you have to generate a new code every time to make the sending and receiving process successful. QR payments need no physical contact thus the user of the app can control the transaction, thus reducing the risk of scam. It is totally up to you to keep your mobile device locked to prevent a possible financial loss.

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How can I get my QR code?

As mentioned above you can generate your QR code by using the Bankin Online Payment Platform on both Bankin accounts. The app offers you an unverified account for trial purposes only and with this account, you have a limit on the transaction amounts. In order to enjoy all the features of the app with benefits, you can download Bankin on either Android or iPhone and go through the KYC to verify your identity for a seamless experience.

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