Bankin is a seamless payment option that makes the payment process hassle-free.

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Now you can use your Digital Payment App to pay for your lunch and food items with just a few clicks on your smartphone.

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Hotel Vouchers

Our highly secure payment option will make your every transaction valuable as you can avail assured vouchers and discounts for hotel bookings.

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E-shop Payments

Enrich your online shopping experience as you can use this app to pay for clothes, food, tickets, and so much more.

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Own Currency

You can send and receive payments from your friends, family, and others using a mobile number or barcode scanner.

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P2P Loans

Connect with the most trusted peer to peer lending platform and interact with lenders and borrowers directly.

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For Employees

Employees can pay for their meals in a more efficient and easier manner than before with this payment gateway app.

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Gastro Vouchers

The app offers perfect Gastro gift vouchers to its users which they can use when they most need them.

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Crypto wallet

Ensures safety against fraudulent access as all the app data is encrypted on Bankin servers.

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With Instant Currency exchange app you can send and receive cryptocurrencies between blockchain network members.

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